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Turn your playground into a classroomImagine your current basketball courts, which are probably only used during recess, outlined with colorful numbers or letters. While standing on numbers, the students learn to add and subtract by passing the ball to each other. Words can be spelled by bouncing the ball to a student standing on the appropriate letter.

"Turn Your Playground Into A Classroom ..."

teach spelling by playing basket ballStudents will associate sizes and shapes with our colorful designs painted around the court. To further help the students, we now have individual state maps that can be painted on sidewalks around your school to create a "Walk Across the U.S.A."

                                                                Have the students "walk across the USA"

"Make Learning a process of discovery ..."

These are just  a few of our many learning activities which emphasize safety, education, and most importantly fun. All ETG products use a specially formulated paint which is environmentally safe, long lasting, and weather durable. Permanent templates of letters, shapes, states, etc. are provided with full instructions. The templates may be used over and over to create new playground classrooms around your school. To see a listing of our products click here.

16' Compass with US Map      Using Walk Across USA for geography lesson    20' x 20' Checker/Chess Board

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